About Us | My Felt Story

I'm Sarah, owner and designer here at My Felt Story.  At the heart of all the things I want children to know that they are valued, worthwhile and important. I create products with this in mind. I tell stories to help children connect to their own feelings and life experiences.

It started in my classroom, where I designed felt stories and peg dolls for my students. When I saw how much my students loved what I created, I knew it was time to share it with more children.

And that’s how My Felt Story was born.

I now design products with the intention of bringing children into their hearts and to accept themselves and others. As a mother and an educator, I believe that imaginative play and creative expression are the corner stones of learning and healthy development.  

I am grateful to you for being here and hope that you and your little ones enjoy my products!  
Please reach out to me with any questions or stories about your little cuties!

 All my love,